Italian, Ready, Go!

Get ready for your next trip to Italy in only 5 weeks.

This brand new Italian short course for Beginners will give you the right tools to communicate in Italian while visiting the Bel Paese.

You will be able to interact with locals in common travelling situations, such as get to know someone, order a coffee in a bar, order something to eat in a restaurant, etc.

Speaking Italian is the main goal of this course for travellers and you will do so from day 1 focusing on the interaction with your teacher and classmates. 

Classes are held for three hours per week on Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm for a total of 5 weeks. 

Next 5-week course for travellers is scheduled from Wednesday 1st June to Wednesday 29th June.

For this course a textbook is not required. We provide all the material to complete the level. We do recommend bringing a notebook and a pen for your notes.

The cost for our 5-week course is $299. 

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Intensive Courses

Friends of Languages offers Intensive Italian language courses during the break between our regular terms. They are structured as immersion courses, covering every aspect of the language. They are a perfect program for those who need to fast-track or consolidate their Italian studies.

The focus is on communicating in Italian. You will be able to do this from day 1 with our experienced and qualified teachers in a small group class (max 10 students). This will make you feel more comfortable and will allow you to learn in a more personalised environment.

Classes are held for three hours from Monday to Friday for one week.

Italian Intensive Courses are offered in:

  • Summer: Mon 17 Jan - Fri 21 Jan (3 hours/day = 15 hours)
  • Winter:  Mon 04 Jul - Fri 08 Jul (3 hours/day =15 hours)
  • Spring: Mon 26 Sept - Fri 30 Sept (3 hours/day =15 hours)

For Intensive Italian courses, we don’t require students to get a textbook! We provide all the materials to complete the level. We do recommend you bring a notebook and pen which will assist you when revising at home.

The cost for our Italian Intensive Course is $299.

Ready for a week of Italian full-immersion?