Conversation classes

Make new friends and improve your Italian conversation skills at Friends of Languages!

Our conversation classes are for FoL current students or for those who would like to have more opportunities to speak Italian. We offer a range of discussion topics based on the interests of the group.

Learners can join our classes every Thursday from 11:45am to 12:45pm.

The cost of 10pack conversation class is $200 ( $100 for FoL students).


Social Events

As a community, Friends of Languages organises social events to give its friends the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Italian culture.

Here are some of the most popular events:

Aperitivo Mascherato, it's an aperitif to celebrate the Italian Carnival where people can show off their beautiful masks.

Friends in cucina, cooking classes organised in collaboration with our partners.

A sip of Italia, we travel Italy tasting its best wines.

Andiamo al cinema?, one night out to enjoy the Lavazza Italian Film Festival with Friends of Languages.

And much more...

Book Clubs

If you are a passionate reader, Friends of Languages Book Clubs are a great opportunity to meet new people and discuss books, either written by Italian authors or with a topic related to Italy and its traditions.

Our Book Clubs are free and open to everybody either if you want to join one or launch your own.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact Friends of Languages via email or call 0415783475.

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