Friends of Languages Language. Learn, Speak, Travel.

Our story

"Hey, why don't we open our own school ???" - "Yes, let's do it!!!"

This was the very first step of Friends of Languages: two friends and passionate language teachers talking about the future of foreign languages in Brisbane.

In a very short and intense period of time, Friends of Languages founded and built its home in Newstead. It's not a coincidence that the name of our suburb means "new place". In fact, we wanted to create a completely new environment for language learning where people can share their passions for cultures, travel experiences and many aspects of other countries through languages.

Our philosophy

After many years of travelling and teaching in different countries, we found in Brisbane the right place to share our experience and cultural background with people who have the same passion for languages.

We have created Friends of Languages to provide an environment for language learning where teachers and students would be excited to be involved in.

As former language students and qualified teachers, we have a deep understanding of language learners' needs. For this reason, we designed a curriculum based on modern methodologies inspired by the communicative approach. Students will be able to speak the language they are studying from day 1.

In each lesson, students will improve listening, writing and reading skills whilst practicing grammar and vocabulary in a fun and effective way.

Our classes are setup for small groups (max 10 students) because we want to be small enough to know students' names, their goals and to cater to their needs. In addition, small classes would allow students to have enough opportunities to actively participate in their learning and build their confidence in using the language.

The language experience will continue outside the classroom with a wide range of cultural and social activities, such as conversation classes, book club, cooking classes, masquerade aperitif and so on. Friends of Languages is not only a school, but also a community of friends.

Friends of Languages is a path where students step forward lesson by lesson to achieve their personal goals and feel gradually more confident and competent while having fun. It is a journey into a language where we teach you how to travel.